There once I sighed, an exhibition in relief
And sat, enfolded by evening;
A soft melody, played through smooth glass
Like hazy sight that settles slowly, as the creek
Tide; out to sooth the battered shore
And back to gently lift the mood with sparkling notes
Of citra hops brewed deep with playful fruit
And is that bittersweet I taste, in rest
While all must start again; yet not this night
For here, stalled, empty, my car exhausted sits
To lay-by the night under stars and dreams of
verdant shores.

It’s a total cliche, but I really appreciate craft beer. The other day a friend gave me a can of Fruit Car Sight Exhibition, a DIPA by Verdant, one of my favourite (and nearest) breweries. After a long evening’s work I finally sat down late to enjoy it.