Matt Valler is a specialist in stories and how they shape the way we live. With a wide range of expertise and experience, Matt has worked with organisations all over the world on strategy, communications, and product design. He holds an MA (distinction) in Biblical Interpretation and is currently studying for a PhD in Translation Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast. 

Welcome to my website. I’m a translator, of sorts. I try and make complex ideas accessible. I’m interested in everything, which is bad for focus! But it does help in understanding complexity and telling good stories. 

I’m partly an academic and partly an entrepreneur. I live in Cornwall, in the far-south-west of the UK, an ancient kingdom colonised long ago by the English. I’ve been involved in many different kinds of work over the course of my life. But at the root of it all is a need to write.

For about 15 years I worked as an insider-outsider with Christian groups and organisations, trying to develop new approaches to faith and practice that were more appropriate for the 21st century.

2016 was a watershed year, in which I quietly left that faith behind and began a new life. This was less a professional decision than a personal one, but it has had big implications for my work. The move felt less like a rejection and more like the natural culmination of a long process. It has has taken me into the study of stories, how they matter (literally), and how we navigate them.

This website is both a platform for my latest work and an archive of my past. In one sense it is an attempt to salvage a coherent story from the various chapters of my life. In another it is inevitably a bricolage, a collage of my life assembled from disparate moments in space and time. I am not sure if the ‘me’ that wrote a commentary on the Old Testament in 2006 is the same ‘me’ that translated Genesis in 2017-18. You can judge for yourself. 

I welcome all (constructive) comments and do my best to engage with them all. If you would like to get in touch, please use this form, or connect via social media.